Maker Offer - Terms and Conditions

We love working with crafters and makers (which was how we started too!) and therefore we have created a special offer to support them in their busy life.

Our makers' account is aimed at professional crafters who either use cotton cords themselves in their craft, or who run craft workshops. We know each maker works differently and how challenging it is for them to have a regular and reliable access to products and colours their customers demand. Therefore, our offer is suitable for makers who either purchase frequently in smaller quantities, or make less frequent orders but in large quantities.

In order to be accepted to the offer, please fill in the submission form. The form will give us information on your needs which would help us decide the best offer for you. We aim to review and respond to a submission within 2-3 working days.

Offer terms and conditions

  • "Makers offer" (also described as "makers account", "offer", or "discount") is available for UK-based customers only.
  • The offer is available for professional craters, makers and businesses who order regularly and/or in large quantities from Lovely Cottons UK.
  • In order to have crafter account open, the customer should fill in Makers Account Form available from website ( and provide all required information, such as: person and business trading name, email address, web site or on-line shop URL, social account name, short description of the business, and an estimate frequency, size or amount of order. Alternative form of application (e.g. email request) can also be accepted.
  • The information provided in the submission form is reviewed by Lovely Cottons UK staff in order to check for customer eligibility and if a minimal estimated commitment conditions are met.
  • Lovely Cottons UK uses the customer information of the estimate size of their commitment to assess which offer (e.g. discount package) would suit their needs.
  • The customer is contacted with the decision in 2-3 working days. If customer is accepted to the makers discount, they will be sent an email with a link to the Terms and Conditions ("T&C"), and if T&C are accepted  an automatic discount will be applied to the customer at the checkout.
  • To receive the automatic discount, an account at website is mandatory.
  • The automatic discount will be applied to the customer account in 2-3 working days from the date when terms and conditions are accepted. The customer will be notified when the discount is applied to their account.
  • Each customer accepted to the makers offer will receive a customised discount based on their business case and estimates provided in the submission form.
  • Lovely Cottons UK can at any point and with no notice withdraw Makers offer completely, or partially, or suspend customers from the offer.
  • Lovely Cottons UK is not liable for any loss or damage to the customer business or their business revenue related to their Makers offer activity, or suspension from Makers offer or withdrawal of the makers offer altogether.
  • Each maker account is reviewed every 6 months. The review is aimed to check the customer eligibility based on the past orders since their maker account opening and if the discount is still applicable. Any customer who is falling behind in their regular orders, or who not place any orders, or misuse the offer, may have their maker account suspended partially, timely or completely removed from the offer.
  • A customer who had their maker offer suspended or who was removed from the offer would have their account re-opened only at a full discretion by Lovely Cottons UK.
  • Lovely Cottons UK decision on the eligibility, the discount percentage, customer suspension from the offer or removal of customer from makers offer is final.
  • Customer has full right to request their makers account to be closed at any point, or their account and personal information deleted should they wish to.
  • Makers offer terms of conditions can be changed by Lovely Cottons UK at any point, without any notice, and without providing reason.