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Lovely Cottons UK is now officially launched!

I have been sharing these awesome cords with you in my makes and selling them as craft supplies in my personal shop for the past few years. Now, as a part of the Lovely Cottons team, I am expanding my offer, aiming to stock the full Lovely Cottons range to make all craft enthusiasts in the UK even happier!

I have been using LC cotton cords for years and I never been disappointed. You can see all my creations in Cheerful Crickets Craft shop. So far, I have produced hundreds of crochet and knitted baskets, shells, rugs and even macramé items!  They all keep their shapes wonderfully (baskets are exceptionally sturdy!) and remain in perfect condition after long term use. 

Lovely Cottons are high quality, carefully manufactured cords, made of regenerated (recycled) cotton thread. They are produced in a small, family run factory in Poland, and are sold across Europe. They come in a rich and ever-growing colour range and Lovely Cottons are on constant lookout for new shades to keep you inspired! You can find both braided and twisted cords, from 1.5 to 9 mm thick.

Using responsibly sourced materials in my work is my highest priority and I believe we all can do our bit to protect the planet by making thoughtful choices, and still enjoy what we love – CREATING!

I am constantly widening my offer and restocking regularly but if you are looking for anything specific and can’t find it on my website now, I am more than happy to resolve that for you.

Happy crafting

Please note that I am a retailer not the manufacturer.


crochet ammonite shells and spiral shells made from braided cotton cord