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Cord Sample Card

Cord Sample Card

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If you're new to Lovely Cottons cords, why not order our Cord Sample Card? It includes a selection of our colours and cotton cords so that you can see how they look in real life.

The sample includes all types of cotton cords: 1.5mm/3mm/5mm twisted, 3mm 3-ply twisted and 2mm/3mm/5mm/9mm braided. Included are a sample of colours from our over 80 colours range. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you the option of selecting colours for your sample.

Please note that the cord sample card should not be used as a reference for the colours. We cannot guarantee the continuation of the colours in our offer. Colours may vary slightly between different batches of manufacture, and you may receive a shade that is slightly different from the cord in our offer.

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