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Merino Combed Wool Top



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Merino Combed Wool Top

Colour: black

Weight: 50g

This high-quality natural wool is perfect for wet and needle felting, macramé projects, weaving, and spinning. It is versatile and ideal for adding unique touches to your creations such as angel wings, hair, and owl's ears. This type of wool is also widely used in super chunky knitting, including arm knitting, and crochet. It is perfect for making thick blankets and pillows.

Very soft and silky with a slight glossy. It is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Width approx. 5cm (flat)

Fineness: approx. 25-28mic.

100% natural Polish merino wool. Made in Poland.

The wool and dyes used in its production comply with EU Directives regarding the use of dyes and meet the environmental criteria specified by the EU Ecolabel for textile products.

Additional information

To make a 45cm X 45 cm blanket, approx. 500 g wool is needed, 90 cm X 120 cm – approx. 3 – 3.5 kg, 120 cm X 160 cm – approx. 5 kg.

Currently, we sell our combed tops in small quantities, but it is possible to order large ones. Please contact us for more information.

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